The output set for stair lighting is the basis on which to base the intelligent lighting system. The technologically advanced controller and two efficient motion detectors are easy to install and trouble-free during later use. The stair lighting kit can be easily adapted to the number of stairs and to the size of the staircase. In most staircases, it is difficult to ensure adequate light levels with normal lighting. LED lighting is a completely new quality in this respect, because it is mounted to every step.
Video Demo: https://youtu.be/oVXZhRdEvYg

QBITSTRV3 controller is used for dynamic color (RGB) lighting of the stairs.

The backlight is switched on with Mobile App by Wi-Fi the subsequent steps, depending on the motion directions: ascending or descending.

The controller is adapted to control the RGB LED strips arranged in stair steps and possibly the staircase handrails.

The controller has three programs of color changing: in the first program each stage is lit with a different color; in second program color at all steps is the same, but changes smoothly when the steps are turned on, lights on and off. Will change to another color at every turning on the light of the stairs

Android APP Download Link:



INSTALL DEMO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8adoGcdsO-I

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