Wifi Android based Lights Timer -2Way


Automatic Timer based Lights controller.

  • Office Name board Lights
  • Home Lights
  • Industrial Lights

We can Read the timer of Device status by wifi Android Apps.

4 Channel and Single ON/OFF Times Setups per day.

Memory based Power ON/OFF Control system.   

Product description   :
We can schedule on / off timing by this product for any kind of appliances. At a time We can set four different On /Off time for         4 different devices.
This system useful for name board display unit.
Custom design also available.




Demo Video Link:

Please Download the Apps from this bellow Link :


Config App:


Specifications  :

Product Name                    :  WIFI LIGHTS- TIMER CONTROLLER
Colour                               :  BLACK
Item Weight                      :  300 grams
Material Type                     :  ABS
Total Wattage                   : 1500Watts /Point
Product Dimensions            : 15.5 x 13.7  x 7.8  cm
Item model number            : QBITTRJEO

Operating voltage               :  230V AC/ 50 HZ.
4-Way Control.
Mode                                :  Toggle- ON/OFF- by Router Wi-Fi.
Control Mode                     :  By App power saving.
(Save/Erase all ON/OFF previous status in memory by user apps)
Transportation Mode          : Wi-Fi
OS                                  : Android
Wi-Fi Working Frequency    : 2.4G 802.11 b/g/n
Load Power                      : 2200W
Working Voltage               : DC 5V
Rated switching current     :  1000W

Rated switching voltage     :250V
Relay Life                         :1000000 times
Insulation resistance          :100M- 300M Distance will support the router signal strength only.

Relay maximum pull-in time : 15ms
Relay maximum release time: 5ms
Operating temperature      :-40°~70°
Working Humidity              : 40%~80% RH

Fast Delivery/ Made in India / Update technology
Easy installation
Save Electricity  and time has been set automatically.
WI-Fi enabled
This product  will work with /without internet connection
No need to change the existing wiring
Day Night mode with power save technology
Durable and Protect  from Fluctuation
1000 Watt/ Switch point
Operating Voltage 230V AC/50HZ
6 Month service warranty

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