4 Lights 1 Fan Dual

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• Operating voltage 220-240 volts AC (Surface).
• Frequency 50 Hz.
• Load capacity each switch (100 watt).
• I/R based remote control.
• Remote control working range up to 30 Ft/10 Mts. (Depending upon battery condition).
• Use two “Alkaline -AAA“ batteries 3V for remote control.
• Box Size: Length 6 x 11 cm.
• Remote: 4.5 x 14.5 cm.
• Power Supply: 230 Volts, AC, 50 Hz.
• Wattage Limit: 100 Watts Max Per Point
• Input Power Source: Phase and Neutral from switch board.
• Power Resumption Status: Off
• On/Off Time: Instantaneous
This remote control system can be used in any House, Office, Restaurants, Shops,
Conference and Seminar Halls & Hospitals etc..


• Energy saving device (reduce your energy bill by putting off lights, fans etc immediately with remote control
when not needed).
• No need to change existing wiring.
• Avoid 2-Way switches.
• Operate through remote control as well as from switch board manually.
• Spark – less switching increases switches life.
• Prevents us from risk of electrical shock and short circuit.
• No alterations required while installing our unit.
• Easy Installation.
• It is a boon for physically challenged people .
• Ideal for bed-ridden patients and senior citizens.
• Comfort at your couch and luxury at your cost.

Key Functions:

• Button 1,2,3,4 for Light-1 to Light-4 on/off.
• Center Button to select Fan- on/off.
• Left and right inc, dec Button to select Fan- speed 1, speed2, speed3 for remote
• control Regulator.
• Power – All Light / Fan on/off.


• Fan speed regulation from 0 to 4, five steps. (No need Regulator).
• Remote signal receiving indication.
• Unique IR and RF technology.
• Power indication.
• All ON/OFF facility.
• Full function remote control.
• Reduce your electricity bill by putting off lights & fans immediately with remote
• control, when not needed.
• Wide range of models available to suit every requirement.
• It also supports inverter.



We would like to introduce ourselves as Manufacturers of electronic products since 15 years. We are located in PH Road, Moduravoyal, near Koyambedu Market, Chennai-95. Now our latest product called “Qbit Remote” can control the ON/OFF operation of 2,4,5 Lights & 1,2 Fan using a single remote up to 50 ft/15mts. Even fan speed can also be controlled using the same remote. As an introductory offer, we are now planning to promote this product to our fellow Manufacturers. This is our best offer to you as a Manufacturer. We do deliver the product to you along with instruction Manual on how to install the unit to make it work properly.