WiFi Multi Room Lights Fan Remote Installation Details:

Please Download the Apps from below Link: Only Support WLAN: New Version:

Wifi 4Lights Installation Video:


Please Download the Apps from below Link V1.0: Old Version:

Please Download the Apps from below Link With Fan V2.0 :

Config App:

Please Download Installation Manual:

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    • Server Room AC failure Monitoring and Automation
    • RF / Mobile Remote Controller Manufacture
    • Wifi,GPS and GPRS Technology:
      General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) is a latest mobile technology for sending and receiving data. GPRS is packet based, where a data is handled as a series of “packets” that can be routed over several paths through the network, rather than as a continuous bit-stream over a dedicated dial-up connection. Qbitronics offers application integration for various Wifi/GPRS/GPS based devices:

      • RF Remote Long Range Remote Controller Manufacture-Min 100 Meters to 800 Meters Distance. 3 -Phase Machines / Motor Remote
      • DOL / Star Delta RF Remote
      • Mould Tracking System via Wifi/IOT-Long Distance
      • Solar Tag-Tracking System-Long Distance
      • Wifi-Remote Controller/Data Logger
      • Location Based Services (LBS)
      • SMS (Short Messaging Service)
      • Wireless -Wifi Textile Automation
      • 3D Automation : Floor / interactive Wall Video /Smart School

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