3 Phase / Single Phase Motor / Pump-set ON/OFF RF Remote Control Range 300 Meter

Support All HP Starter: 1 Phase or 3 phase motor  or Normal Switch Multi Mode RF Remote.

Long Distance : 300 to 500 Meters on open air.

Useful for Pump-sets Motors, CNC Machine ON/OFF Control, all Types of Starter control Machines.

Low Price 

Product description   :
We can Switch on / off starter by Remotely by 100 to 500 Meter Distance on on open site.
This system useful for all types of 3-Phase Starters.
You can switch ON /OFF the starter motor in RF Range.

It will support all type of DOL and Start Delta starter.

  • Fast Delivery/ Made in India / Update technology/ Easy installation/ Save Electricity
  • RF-433Mhz enabled/ This product will work with all Areas Operating Voltage 230V AC 50HZ/ 6 Month service warranty
  • We can operate by the system by remote and manual. It will support all type starter and HP range. 
  • our product will support 80 volt to 270v maximum
  • Color Black
    Item Weight 500 g
    Package Dimensions 14.5 x 8.5 x 5.7 cm
    Shipping Weight 550 Grams
    Item Part Number QBITRFMOTV1
    Primary material ABS
    Capacity Standard
    Warranty Product and Warranty Lable
    Item Shape Rectangular

Installation of RF Remote Wiring Diagram:

Easy to connect:

Demo Video Link:


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