Mobile Starter 3 Phase Motor

Description of the control unit:

You can switch ON /OFF the starter motor in Wi-Fi  internet range.

It will support all type of DOL and Start Delta starter.

Future of this system:

  • Internal Timer: loop timer /Timer/Scheduler
  • Power ON State : When power fails , When the power came then the motor to you wants before status / off.
  • Network Status Reader
  • Status Reader : ON /OFF
  • Fast Delivery
  • Made in India : New Qbitronics
  • Update technology
  • Easy installation
  • Save Electricity
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • This product will work with internet connection/ Operating Voltage 230V AC 50HZ,
  • We can operate by the system by remote and manual.
  • It will support all type starter and HP range. We can read the status of starter ON/ OFF.
  • Support all type starter and HP range.
  • Support 3 phase and single phase.
  • This System is very useful for all Agriculture- Pumpset- ON/OFF, industries Machines-ON/OFF.


Demo Video:

Demo Installation Video:


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