Automatic Covid-19 Scanner

Our Product is Touch less Covid-19 Scanner : 1. It is very Accurate and more effective. 2. No need of person to operate. 3.It has distance sensor to read your body distance (less than 5 cm to 8 cm )and temperature sensor to measure your body temperature. 4.Since it is not touched by the human virus will not spread to anyone. 5.Safty and save manpower with cost.(Avoid manpower to operate) Steps to Measure:
1.Stand in front of the machine with distance of less than 8 cm by the time you will get one beep sound for acknowledgement.
2.Until the sensor measure the body temperature you have to stand in front of the machine .
3.You will get next beep sound after displaying the body temperature.
4.With 5 second delay each person can self check the body temperature .
5.If your body temperature is less than 100 then you will get 2 beep sound.
6.If your body temperature is more than 100 then you will get continues beep sound upto 10 second.


Description of the control unit:
This Sensor unit is to Read your Temperature in Fahrenheit to Display on LCD.
If your Scanning body Temperature is bellow 100 degree Fahrenheit , The it will give 2-beep sound, otherwise or more than 100 degree Fahrenheit than it will give more beep sound up to 10 sec. Thanks to the modular design of the control unit, the range of functions can also be expanded easily and cost-effectively.
This scanner is very useful for all Lodges, Schools, Offices, Industries, Hotels, Buses.

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