3 Phase / Single Phase Motor / Pump-set ON/OFF RF Remote Control

Support All HP Starter: 1 Phase or 3 phase motor  or Normal Switch Multi Mode RF Remote.

Long Distance : 300 to 500 Meters on open air.

Useful for Pump-sets Motors, CNC Machine ON/OFF Control, all Types of Starter control Machines.

Low Price 

Product description   :
We can Switch on / off starter by Remotely by 100 to 500 Meter Distance on on open site.
This system useful for all types of 3-Phase Starters.
You can switch ON /OFF the starter motor in RF Range.

It will support all type of DOL and Start Delta starter.

  • Fast Delivery/ Made in India / Update technology/ Easy installation/ Save Electricity
  • RF-433Mhz enabled/ This product will work with all Areas Operating Voltage 230V AC 50HZ/ 6 Month service warranty
  • We can operate by the system by remote and manual. It will support all type starter and HP range. 
  • our product will support 80 volt to 270v maximum
  • Color Black
    Item Weight 300 g
    Package Dimensions 14.5 x 8.5 x 5.7 cm
    Shipping Weight 300 Grams
    Item Part Number QBITRFSMJEX0001
    Primary material Plastic
    Capacity Standard
    What is in the box? Product and Warranty Card
    Item Shape Rectangular

Installation of RF Remote Wiring Diagram:

Easy to connect:

Demo Video Link: